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The Department of Global Initiatives at Fundación Universitaria Juan N. Corpas is committed to internationalizing the university campus and creating an intercultural environment through the visit of students from universities around the world. At Corpas, the students, the teachers, and the community are keen to share their experiences and comprehensive education in order to optimize our international students’ visit.

  • How to Apply
  • HomeStays
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What do you have to do to come to Corpas?

We recommend you also touch base with the International Relations Office at your university, and send us the following documents to

  • CV/Resume
  • Cover letter
  • ID photo on a white background
  • Copy of the first page of your passport (the page containing your personal information)
  • Corpas Global Personal information form (annex)
  • An unofficial transcript or other document issued by your university in which we can see the list of subjects that you have taken throughout your studies
  • Remember to double-check the requirements established by the migration authorities of your country, and to gather the additional documents that you may need (yellow fever vaccine or other vaccines, student visa or consular documents, etc.)
  • International Health Insurance for the period you’ll be in Colombia


The ideal starting dates for international students at Corpas, regardless of the nature of their exchange, will be the first Monday of each month. The length of stay will depend on the type of exchange and the visitor’s academic interest. With enough advance notice, we can discuss alternative start dates.

The application process must be completed at least 2 months before the international student’s tentative starting date at Corpas. In case the student needs to start their visit on a date that is different from the aforementioned, please contact us in advance.

If you are a medical student, you must bring your own lab coat, scrubs and stethoscope.

The Department of Global Initiatives of the Juan N. Corpas University Foundation offers the Corpista Host Program as a support strategy for international students who are doing mobility and/or exchange in the city of Bogotá, D.C. The main objective of the program is to promote multiculturalism through the generation of family environments in the Corpista community.

Please let us know if you would like a homestay with a Corpas family for the length of your visit. This option costs $75 USD per week for students who come from Low, Lower-middle, and Upper-Middle income countries and $85 USD per week for students from high-income countries. * The homestay includes a private room and a bathroom shared with a maximum of one (1) person, two meals per day and access to all the facilities of the house. Homestays are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.

Bogotá is a lively, bustling city where you can enjoy the full spectrum of Colombian culture. Corpas, in its commitment to international educations, seeks to promote Bogotá as an academic destination for international students, faculty, and administrators. For this reason, it participates in the formulation and implementation of a joint strategy with other Higher Education Institutions to make Bogotá an academic, research, and innovation hub.


  • With over 500 km of cycling routes, and over 120 km of additional streets converted to bike and running paths on weekend, Bogotá is a cycling capital.
  • Dynamic and cosmopolitan, Bogotá’s gastronomical and cultural scene is among the best in the Americas.
  • Nearby escapes to Chingaza National Park, Laguna de Guatavita,and more allow you to encounter the splendor of Colombia’s nature.

Types of Mobility

The Department of Global Initiatives works hand in hand with the university’s Research Center to establish new joint research opportunities with universities throughout Colombia and abroad. Students can apply for short research internships in universities all over the world, for up to 3 months.

  • Clinical Practices:
  • Community Practice:
  • Short Faculty lead courses:
  • Research Mobility:
  • Spanish Courses:
  • Volunteering:
  • Exchange semester:

Medical rotations at our private Juan N. Corpas Clinic, in the following specialties: Nursing,  Pediatrics,  General Surgery,  Internal medicine, Gynecology, Family Medicine (Residents only).

Medical rotations at the Lisboa Community Medical Center, in the following specialties:  Nursing,  Pediatrics, Community medicine / Primary health care.

International students and their faculty lead can enjoy experiences of up to 3 weeks with any of our schools.

Here at Corpas, we offer you the opportunity to join a research project led by one of our university professors. Research stays can be carried out for a period of at least 4 weeks.

To participate please write to describing which project you would like to participate in.

A second language is the key to open many doors. At Corpas, we offer you an excellent setting for an immersive language learning experience, both through virtual and on-site learning. We have a Spanish Course for beginners focused on Health Sciences where you will learn the basic knowledge of the language that will allow you to better interact with Spanish-speaking patients and colleagues.

If your students are interested in volunteering and learning about global health issues in less advantaged areas, Corpas offers personalized short-term service-learning courses. The desire to serve people from all backgrounds, especially those who are vulnerable, is one of Corpas’ most sacred institutional values. The university welcomes the chance to introduce the campus and the community to international students who are excited about the health sciences and want to contribute to Colombia’s development.


Lisboa Community Medical Center: Corpas’ center provides low-cost primary care consults in an area of Bogota where 93% of the population lives at or below the national poverty line of approximately $70 per person per month, as well as breastfeeding support, early childhood development and other free group classes.

Cinvest: Corpas international research congress brings together students and researchers in health sciences, education, and music.

Labfarve: The university’s research laboratory designs, develops, and commercializes products such as medicines, dietary supplements, and baby-friendly creams derived from Colombia’s native flora. Labfarve’s mission is to create innovative products that are environmentally and socially sustainable.

International students have the option to engage in a full semester exchange in any of our schools.

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